Kid's Spot



This Sunday was a hot one, and Sunday School was held down by the lake. As always, Melanye began the young people’s time with a prayer—this Sunday in the lakeside Meditation Garden.  The children then went down to the lake and gathered rocks—an introduction to their activity and lesson on prayer.

Back in the church, the children shared this poem  for us to reflect on.

 I’m your little prayer rock

To help you everyday

To help you to remember

To thank God when you pray.


So place me under your pillow,

Then when you go to sleep

You will BAM your head on something hard

And that hard thing will be me!


Oh yes ... that BAM will remind you

That God wants to hear your prayers

So shut your eyes and talk to God

And know he’s always there.


Then toss me down upon the floor

So that when your sleep is through

You will wake and walk and STUB your toe,

And then remember; GOD LOVES YOU!


                             .......Melanye Gough

                                      July 12, 2015