Brief History

of St. David’s Church


    It all started almost a hundred years ago, with a small group of very faithful Christians and their Anglican rector, Rev. Grice-Hutchinson. Then, under a variety of rectors, services continued in homes, schools and halls.


    Then in 1952, the present lakeshore lot was purchased from Darwin Charlton. On it was a tiny house, fondly known as “the rabbit hutch.” Renovations began, and on May 11, 1953, the first service was held there.


    When the congregation acquired a large CPR locomotive bell, Charles Riley and Rev. Douglas Ritchie built a belfry on top of the tiny church. The bell was hoisted up into it with a horse rope from the Riley place. The belfry, bell and rope are still in use.

    In 1960, construction of the present church began, with volunteer labour and lumber—a true community effort! The women of the Guild held bake sales and rummage sales to raise money to assist in this initial building project and in a later addition of a basement—and they helped pay off the mortgage in only six years!  


    Easter, April 22, 1962 marked the consecration and first service in the new St. David’s Church.


   In 1977, the Guild started the Thrift Shop in the church basement. Eileen Fogarascher, Connie Mackenzie, and Millie Dalin (organist since the early 1970s) were in the small group of initial organizers. To this day, it serves as a friendly community gathering place, with great bargains. 


    As you walk into St. David’s, your eye immediately falls on the unique altar and pulpit, built by David Lockerby and beautifully adorned with local wildflowers hand painted by Mary Coles. Beside the altar stands a hand made lecturn, created in memory of Rose Edith Akrigg.  


    Over the years, treasured items such as a traditionally styled baptismal font and wooden pews with a cross carved into the ends have been given to St. David’s.


     In the mid 90s, an outside cross was donated in memory of Lyle Miller, and shines in the night as a symbol of God’s love. Recently, the Church of Cleopas entrusted us with skillfully hand carved sanctuary items.


     Through the years, several much loved members have come and gone, but their spirit of dedication and hard work remains, and inspires us to carry on. New members have joined us, and each one adds a special gift and richness.


     We draw near to our 100th anniversary in 2013, as “St. David’s by the Lake”—a Parish on our own, rather than part of the 3-point Parish of the Shuswap Lakes. Following in the faith and determination of our pioneers, we move ahead, trusting in God’s guidance and strength.


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