Our Bear Project

It all began several years ago when Lena and Rick Whittaker moved away from the North Shuswap and went to Alberta. On their last Sunday with us in church, Lena brought a large clear plastic bear shaped container filled with about 10 pounds of pennies and donated it to St. Davids to be used for outreach. Not one to miss an opportunity, Ted Gough wrote a poem about it and invited the congregation to drop their loose change into the bear shaped jar while singing the Magic penny song  (Love is something if you give it away). The response was so enthusiastic, that it became a regular part of our Sunday sevice. Thus the "power of loose change" (or the Bear Project) was born. The project is so successful that the year 2104 raised over $5,000.00, every cent spent on both local and world-wide outreach.

Nickels, dimes, quarters and loonies

We even accept your bright toonies

Put them together and what have you got

In many folks eyes, a whole lot


So locate your coins and take a walk

If you meet a friend, have a talk

When you look down and see plink, plunk and plank

Drop your coins so they clink, clunk and clank

Every sound you hear will help somewhere

With someone who is in despair

Ted Gough


The Bear Poem for May 24, 2015 – by Jeannine Lebans


Ted’s away for a week or two

He asked if I would look after you

I said that I wouldn’t mind

I’d make sure you were fed on time

Pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes

Now Yogi I’ll turn this over to you

So we can hear your point of view.


Well, I’m lonely all week here by myself

Gathering dust upon the shelf, so I look

Forward to Sundays, and seeing you

And yes, I get a little hungry too!

We’re so fortunate to all live here

For we have really nothing to fear

You’ve heard about the earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and such?

There are so many who need so much!

Their homes are gone, some their families too

Oh my God what will they do?

We’ll help them out all we can

For that will be our future plan!

So now’s the time for me to eat

So please-a, please-a, dig down deep.


Now I’d like to end with a little prayer

God bless you all, for all you share

For I can see how much you care

For God is love, love is everywhere.


June 28th by Ken Bryan

You’ve got Canada in your pocket

Just take a look around

On the face of ev’ry single coin,

Hist’ry can be found.

There’s the beaver on the nickel

And the schooner on the dime

There are many other symbols…

But I can’t make them rhyme



Instead of in your pocket,

put Canada in the bear

so we can make a difference

for people everywhere

            for, Love is something if you give it away

November 29th by Jeannine Lebans


For the people who are new here today,

 There`s a message I would like to convey,

I look forward to `the Bear` each week

For what we do is quite unique.

We gather loose change and put it in this jar

To give to the needy whether near or far.


Yogi, `the Bear` now has the last word.

He needs to speak, he needs to be heard.


We won`t close our ears or even our eyes,

For what`s going on can`t be disguised.

I`m sure our Jesus, when he walked among men,

Would find it worse now than he did then.

The cheating, the stealing, the violence, the crime

Is all that you hear most of the time.


We see refugees with their children in hand,

Who have left their homes and even their land

What would we do if we were in their shoes?

God only knows we would have nothing to lose.

How about the orphans who have been displaced?

We haven’t heard, is that not a disgrace?


So let’s open our hearts and our country too,

For this is something we should want to do.

To give them hope, get them out of despair,

For we are a people who really do care.


So let’s not forget what life’s all about.

It’s about family and friends, and helping them out.

It’s about giving and sharing, and yes, we started a trend

By dropping our coins in our Bear’s rear end!


For love is something, if you give it away........